Flowers have a unique ability to touch our hearts. They’re a little bit of nature that is welcome even in the most modern human-built environments.

Unfortunately, the vast majority of flowers that people can buy aren’t doing much for nature: they’re shipped thousands of miles from friendlier climates, or grown in energy-intensive greenhouses and doused with chemical fertilizers and pesticides.

But what if there were more than just imported carnations and long-stemmed roses?

What if you could bring home a vase full of flowers that had fed the neighborhood bees and hummingbirds?

With a local flower farmer and florist, you can!

Everything I do at Thicket is rooted in the idea that nothing compares with seasonal flowers, grown right where they’re arranged and enjoyed.

Read more about my commitment to regenerative, eco-friendly practices in the Sustainability Charter.

Thicket flowers are available for delivery in Monterey, Seaside, Del Rey Oaks, and Pacific Grove or pick-up by arrangement.