Flowers have a unique ability to touch our hearts. They’re a little bit of nature that is welcome even in the most modern human-built environments.

Unfortunately, the vast majority of flowers that people can buy aren’t doing much for nature: they’re shipped thousands of miles from friendlier climates, or grown in energy-intensive greenhouses and doused with chemical fertilizers and pesticides.

But what if, instead of imported carnations and long-stemmed roses, you could bring home an ever-changing variety of unique blooms too delicate to ship?

What if you could delight someone special with flowers that had fed the neighborhood bees and hummingbirds? With a local flower farmer and florist, you can!

Everything we do at Thicket is rooted in the idea that nothing compares with seasonal flowers, grown right where they’re arranged and enjoyed. (That includes your garden flowers, and we can help you learn to show them off in a vase >> Click here!)

Lisa Molle Troyer arranging locally grown flowers for Thicket in Monterey

Thicket flowers are available for delivery in Monterey, Seaside, Del Rey Oaks, and Pacific Grove or pick-up by arrangement.