I’m getting married on the Monterey Peninsula / in Big Sur, do you design wedding flowers?

Yes, I do! I’m a full-service sustainable wedding florist, and I love to create bridal bouquets, wearable flowers, table centerpieces, and floral installations of all kinds – arches, aisles, and imaginative decor – for wedding ceremonies and receptions. Check out this blog post to walk through the experience of creating gorgeous, seasonal, eco-friendly wedding florals with me.

Where do you source your flowers?

Mostly, I grow them myself, right in downtown Monterey on a tiny urban flower farm tucked into the old historic district — you can keep up with what’s in bloom right now by following Thicket on Instagram. I apply organic and regenerative farming practices, which means no chemicals, companion planting and hand-picking to control pests, on-site composting of green waste, natural fertilizers, efficient water use (including rainwater harvesting), and reusable or compostable floral supplies.

I also forage responsibly for abundant (and often invasive) greenery. For weddings and rare special requests, I occasionally buy extra flowers from other local farmers (notably roses).

What kinds of flowers do you grow?

Too many to list! But some of my favorite traditional bouquet flowers include ranunculus, sweet peas, snapdragons, Iceland poppies, larkspur, scabiosa, dahlias, zinnias, and sunflowers.

I also grow a wide variety of California native foliage (like coffeeberry, dogwood, lizard tail, and California fuschia) and wildflowers (like lupines, irises, gilia, helenium, and collomia) for my designs. See this blog post for a list of flowers that bloom in different seasons.

Why can’t I place my order online?

I really hear you on this one – online is my favorite way to buy, too. But because I grow on a very small urban farm, I have a limited quantity of flowers each day and a constantly evolving selection. This means you’ll never get a cookie-cutter design!

It also means that before you can place an order, we need to check that I haven’t sold out for the day and discuss any special requests (an all-white arrangement, for example, or anything involving roses).

But don’t worry – ordering is super quick!

  • Browse the Flower Menu to get a sense of size options
  • Click to the Order page to contact me via text or email
    (I respond to most texts within minutes, and emails by the same evening at the latest)
  • Provide delivery information (see below) and send payment via your preferred service
  • Congratulate yourself on placing the quickest, simplest flower order in the West!

What information do you need to deliver my flowers?

The basics I need for any order are: what you want to send (tied bouquet or vase, and size), the recipient’s name and address for delivery, and a message for the card. I’ll talk you through it when you’re ordering.

Beyond the basics, I’m always happy to discuss options, chat about preferred colors and flowers, conspire about sneaky surprise deliveries, and so on.

Can I see a picture of the flowers I’m ordering?

Yes, absolutely! One of my favorite things about being a modern florist is sending a photo of the actual flowers I’m delivering for you – no need to wonder how it turned out!

Just remember that every design is made to order, so there won’t be a picture of your exact arrangement to look at until I’ve finished creating it.

I don’t know anything about flowers! Can you help me choose??

No problem! If you can’t tell a daffodil from a dahlia, I will design something gorgeous just for you with the most beautiful flowers in bloom today.

You can leave the choice entirely up to me, or you can tell me about the occasion and the person receiving the flowers—what’s their general aesthetic, do they like vibrant and colorful or sophisticated and muted colors, do they enjoy fragrance, is their cat likely to nibble on the arrangement, etc.

What kind of order confirmation will I receive?

I will let you know clearly in our conversation (via text or email) when I’ve received payment and your order is confirmed. You should also get a receipt from whichever payment service you choose, and I’ll also send a final confirmation (and photo) when I go to deliver your flowers.

What payment methods do you accept?

To keep my customers’ payment information secure, I only accept remote payments via trusted third-party services—you can choose Venmo, Zelle, or PayPal. Cash payment is also fine for pickups.

How much is delivery?

I charge a flat rate of $15.00 for flower deliveries within my immediate area (Seaside and Monterey in city limits, Del Rey Oaks, and Pacific Grove), and $20.00 to Carmel-by-the-Sea and Pebble Beach. Deliveries further afield by arrangement.

Do you offer same-day deliveries?

Usually, yes! especially if you order before 11 am. If anything I tend to get a little carried away with making sure your person gets their flowers on time.

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